ELSA in english (ABB)

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This course deals with the risk of injury due to current transmission or the action of a short circuit or arc. We go through regulations that specify the basic safety requirements that must be met without detailing what safety measures should be taken when working where there is an electrical danger to those who participate in work.

ELSA provides the user with the basic theoretical knowledge required by government regulations for working on or adjacent to electric high-current installations. With ELSA, you have access to the regulations that apply to the maintenance of electrical installations, methods according to Swedish standards and the basic principles according to ESA.

The course follows the syllabus for electrical safety in electrical systems and in work activity in ABB. The course is based on SS EN 50110-1.


  • Electrical hazard
    - Statistics
    - In the event of an accident
    - Protective clothing
  • Organization
    - Responsibilities and work tasks
  • Electrical regulations – a short introduction
    - Regulations and standards, current and changes
  • Electrical safety in work activity
    - Risk management
    - Electrical safety planning
    - Operation and work with focus on dead work (AUS) and work in the vicinity of live parts (ANS)
    - The proprietors requirements
    - Nominated person in control of a work activity
    - Operation-related measures
  • ABB instruction 9ADG113812 including seven steps
  • Knowledge control

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Klas-Göran Sundvall
STF Ingenjörsutbildning

Klas-Göran is a civil engineer within power electronics, chairman of TK78 and has participated in the international working party that adapted EN 50110-1. He is an experienced and appreciated lecturer at STF. 

Internal course

Internal course

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